Monday, August 10, 2009

Facebook Killed the Blogger Star

Those witty insights that formerly appeared as brilliant, though pithy, blog entries have been commandeered in service of Facebook wall postings. Such is the excuse for lack of attention to my blogs.

I have a suspicion that my case is not unique. So I wonder what this all means.

Why do I post more on FB and neglect my blog? Is it possible that the "audience" is more immediate? or that the audience is more familiar?

In moving more of my comments to FB, am I robbing the rest of the "non-friend" universe of my gifts of erudite banter? Am I becoming isolated and insular in my communications? Like an island? and if no man is an island - am I becoming "no man?"

Will the trend toward talking (if blogging or FB posting is indeed talking) to only "friends" serve to close down social networking that the web promised to open up? Or is it making the social networking of the web more vibrant, less shallow, more real, less intangible?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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