Saturday, November 3, 2012

Standing Out

This summer I saw a 3-story tall ketchup bottle outside City Hall in New York. I noticed. Because you don't see a 30-foot tall ketchup bottle everyday. Sometimes you want to stand out like that.

Like when you are submitting resumes or cv's and cover letters to places where said correspondence will join hundreds of other similar pieces of correspondence on the desk of potential employers. You would like to stand out - but in a good way, of course.

I've recently shared links to sites like SlideShare's collection of visual resumes, and other resources - but I just ran across this very interesting letter by a job seeker that definitely stood out - but not because of hi-tech creativity. This job seeker stood out by his use of words. Read his job-seeking letter here. (It is interesting to note that this writer was trying to get the attention of famous movie directors and producers.) In a world where attention to writing seems to be getting rarer, deft utilization of creative vocabulary and imaginative correspondence may be just what you need to "stand out."

**"I Like Words" from the "Letters of Note" blog