Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Reading for Educators

The Smithsonian's "Educating Americans for the 21st Century" project is available online. Just when teachers thought they could forget about school and kick back with a cold diet cola, Smithsonian brings together a collection of articles sure to make you ponder, poke, prod, postulate, predict and plan for your continuing work in an ever-changing educational environment.

Visit the Smithsonian Project here: 

I don't have a particular article to recommend here - but the survey of issues os bound to provoke your critical thinking in an area or two. Maybe something sticks out to you as important or interesting? Feel free to respond with your comments as you get around to some "light" work-related reading during your summer break.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grammar Police Reinforcements!

If you teach English or Writing, (or any subject that requires students to communicate in any way that should be comprehended by other human beings,) you can use this video.

After you've written helpful comments, after you've referred students to the Writing Center for LOC help, after you've diagrammed sentences, after you've shown students how to bookmark the dictionary in their browsers, after you've gone on a tirade and preached from "The Elements of Style" for an entire class... (OK, that last one might be just me,) you can use something like this to reinforce your efforts and give you a moment to regroup.

Enjoy your summer, knowing this video is now in your arsenal for next term!

Now.. if we can just find a similar video on APA or MLA formatting...