Friday, June 17, 2016

Open-Sharing VR First Step: Google Cardboard Pics

In the emerging area of VR media, sharing productions and compositions is a clunky and cumbersome process. Most platforms are built only for sharing within their own systems (e.g. Oculus, Google Cardboard, etc.)

So - I'm looking and I found ONE WAY you can share Google Cardboard Photos without a lot of emailing and downloading and third-party app installation -This website:

You just go to the website, share the image link of the photo you've taken in Google cardboard (from your Google photos gallery,) and it generates three ways to share the image/

Sharing VR compositions is a challenge in this emerging area. Creating, Discovering and Sharing tools (such as this one) is an excellent opportunity for productive discourse among students, scholars and explorers of this new digital landscape.

Here is an example of sharing a 3D VR photo taken by my 5 year old granddaughter:
1. URL link to the image:
2. QR code for the image: (You can scan this with your smartphone now and see the image in Google Cardboard.)

3. Embed code for the image produces this: